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2014 Legislation - Domestic and Sexual Violence and Stalking

Effective July 1, 2014

Protective Orders


Protective Orders

HB 335(Robert Bell)/SB 151 (Stuart) - Family abuse protective orders; Exclusive use and  possession of motor vehicles - Modifies the provision in family abuse protective orders specifying that the court may grant the petitioner temporary exclusive possession or use of a  motor vehicle owned by the petitioner or jointly owned by the parties to provide that the court  may direct a respondent to maintain insurance, registration, and taxes on a motor vehicle and  enjoin the respondent from terminating such insurance, registration, and taxes. 

HB 972(Cline) - Protective Orders; Possession of companion animals - Permits a court to  include in a protective order a provision granting to the petitioner possession of a companion  animal if the petitioner is the owner of the animal.

HB 285(Robert Bell)/SB 71 (Stuart) - Emergency Protective Orders; Definition of Law  Enforcement Officer - Amends the definition of law-enforcement officer to include a special  conservator of the peace who has met the certification requirements for a law-enforcement  officer for the purposes of obtaining an emergency protective order and for making arrests for  assault and battery against a family or household member, stalking, or violation of a protective  order.